Citizen Corps Councils

At the state, tribal, and local level, Citizen Corps activities are coordinated by the Citizen Corps Council. These Councils bring together the homeland security expertise of emergency responders with the energy and spirit of volunteers, the private sector, and other community stakeholders. Model Citizen Corps Councils include affiliates like VOAD, American Red Cross, RSVP, Salvation Army, American Legion, and ARRL, to name a few; and faith-based organizations; Chambers of Commerce and individual businesses; and many others civic and voluntary groups.

The main purpose of a Citizen Corps Council is to build partnerships by having all of these stakeholders sitting together at the same table — planning together, training together, educating the public, collaborating on year-round preparedness activities, sharing ideas and lessons learned, leveraging one another’s resources, minimizing duplication of efforts, increasing operational efficiency and consistency of messaging, and breaking down silos.

Information on starting or finding an existing Council can be found at: